Terra Cederroth

b. Geneva, Switzerland, 1983

Terra Cederroth has been making art for as long as she can remember. Having been interested in aesthetics all throughout her childhood and adolescence she really began to refine her practice in her later high school years upon taking an advanced art class with a renowned pastel artist. Since then she has worked primarily in the two dimensional form with some experimentation among other mediums but mainly through pastels. As she grew older her aesthetic preferences drove her to be interested in the human anatomy and its many complexities. This interest grew into a passion and drove her to specialize in Biology at Tufts University and later to follow her career path as a forensic pathologist in New York, NY.

Both her career and her art interact as they inspire and influence one another as her interest in the human anatomy persists. Her current work explores themes of mortality, problem solving, humanity, and mourning through the use of mosaics to represent an anatomically accurate representation of the human skull. The pieces she creates are highly personal yet also universal as each observer can see themselves in the skulls that are represented. They serve as a memento mori for the audience yet also a resting place to observe the peace in one’s passing.

Cederroth has sold the majority of her Shattered series and continues to work in the City of New York as a medical examiner. She lives and works in the City creating art and helping to serve the justice system through her investigations. She has a degree from Tufts University in Biology and Italian as well as a minor in Visual Arts.




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