b. Kyoto, Japan 1982

azumi O E was born and raised in Kyoto, Japan. She is a former principal dancer of Butoh company Vangeline Theatre where she performed for over eight years. During that time, she joined Katsura Kan on several world tours, and her own solo performances have been presented internationally. Azumi's interest expands from the stage to multimedia fine art. She began experimenting in multimedia and has collaborated with video sculpturist Katja Loher, visual/performance artist AYAKAMAY, MARCK for several video art installations, live performances and many more. azumi is consistently challenging a wide range of collaborative, solo and experimental projects and continues to explore this genre of the arts.

Adi Shniderman's photographs create landscapes of memory. His style combines documentary and staged images of everyday mundane moments, still life, objects, and people. The images are taken on various digital, analogue and phone cameras, from which he creates fictional stories that address space, time, and memory, reflecting on the ability of photographs to miraculously sustain the tension between what is “fact” and what is “fiction” Shniderman's work has been featured in Sculpture Magazine, and in the New York Times. He participated as an Artist in residence at the Santa Fe Art Institute, Makor-Artists-in-Residence, and ETC-Experimental Television Center, and won the finishing fund award for the work Air Condition provided by New York Council of the Arts. His images have been published in Whitewall Magazine, Art in America, Village Voice, The New Museum of Contemporary Art in New York and Vogue Italia.

In 2006, Shniderman co-founded the collaborative group Trialogue whose work explored notions of space inherent in the respective disciplines of its members; body space (dance), virtual and mnemonic space (video/photography), and physical space (architecture). Trialogue’s latest and most ambitious project was performed at the Joyce Soho, NY and was reviewed by the New York Times dance review. Most recently, he founded 'A Couple of Artists,' a Visual art collaboration with his wife Merav, exhibiting across Europe, Israel, and the United States.

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